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Winter Skin Savior

Winter is a hard time for sensitive skinned ginger kids. Our near transparent skin loses any pigment from summer, and any moisture dwindles like the daylight.  I’ve tried everything. Literally hundreds of dollars have been spent seeking a cure for winter skin itching, redness and general agony.

Being obsessed with all things coconut, and reading that the suddenly-found-everywhere oil moonlights as a stellar moisturizer, I thought I’d give it a shot.  The following mashup of organic awesomeness has changed my life.  That’s not hyperbole. Actually life changing (and money saving). After a week, my legs have been spared their ‘winter itch’ for the first time 27 winters.

Here’s the line up.  Cane Sugar, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil (also allegedly skin loving, so what could it hurt?), some essential oil (I went with orange because I love all things citrus), and a jar to put your concoction in.


Simple right?

Start by melting your coconut oil and some jojoba oil together.


Coconut oil is a solid at room temp, so you’ll have to spoon it out.

(Side Note: it doesn’t taste as good as I think it should straight off of a spoon. The involuntary action of licking the spoon was regrettable.)

Microwave for 20-30 seconds until melted.


It should look like this!

Add your sugar.


And your favorite essential oil to make it smell good.  You’d be amazed at the array of essential oils available at whole foods. Watch the prices though – they seem to indiscriminately range from $5.99-$24.99.  I’ve found my olfaction prefers scents of $9.99 or less.


I use about 10 drops.  If you want to use 5 or 15, that’s cool. You can even mix it up and use two.  Be bold.

Stir around your new concoction with a spoon until it looks like really wet, crumbly sand.


Jar your new goodness and store it in the shower. Scrub up a couple of times a week to have the happiest skin ever. You’re welcome.


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Hi, I'm The Ginger! Or Whitney, whichever you prefer. I'm in finance to pay the rent, but someday I'm hoping to find a way to make it through life as a self-taught chef, sundress designer and helicopter dog mom. I love to cook but don't do it enough. I hate to run but keep signing up for races. I'm a foodie with a shameful obsession with McDonald's. My sewing machine and piano are collecting too much dust. I'm trying to fix it one day at a time. Come on in, let's hang out.

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