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I’m Running A Marathon

There. I said it. Isn’t that just about the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard? Well, be prepared to hear a lot more, because in addition to foodie goodness you’re about to get hit with some weekly running updates as I train. Approximately 18.5 weeks from now I’ll be questioning my better judgement, along with two of my dear girlfriends, at the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington, DC.

I’m a goal oriented person, so here you go. Once in writing on the internet these officially become part of my permanent record. Let’s see what that does for my accountability.

  1. Complete my training. I’ve already built in 3 weeks of buffers in case of injury, travel or I’m-Just-Not-Running-This-Week-Goddamnit attitudes. I WILL complete the mileage. Someway, somehow.
  2. Finish. No seriously, that’s my only goal for the running aspect of this race. I have a weak mind at the end of 10+ miles. If I don’t say “F*ck it all” at mile 22 (or 11), that’s a win.
  3. Stay injury free. If you know me, this will be the biggest challenge. I will follow my plan, listen to my body, and treat myself to appropriate massage and chiropractic care. I mean, that Friday bar cash will have to be redirected somewhere, right? You didn’t think I was going to save it or something did you? Nah.

If I can do these three things, I think I’ll live. I think. Maybe.

Here’s my plan that I’ve already changed up and set up for mileage and pace management in a pretty hot pink color coded, tabbed and cross-referenced Excel spreadsheet. I may not be fast but I’m neurotically organized.



  1. Excited to follow your progress! I’ll be running my first half-marathon this fall and my first marathon next spring, both in Boston!


  2. Well now you have to run, since you let everyone on the interwebs know! I ran my first half marathon, and now I am training for MCM on the Jeff Galloway program (run/walk). I just did an 11 miler on Sunday and felt incredibly good afterwards. Might want to consider it since you’re also just looking to finish. Maybe I’ll see you there! Keep it up!


    • You’re getting aggresive pretty early on with a double digit run!! That’s amazing! I think I’ll stick with my 6 this weekend. I just got a watch that allows me to do intervals since I’m also planning on following Galloway for anything longer than 6 miles. There’s something mentally rewarding about those walk breaks!


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