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Marathon: Weeks 1 & 2

Week 1

I got off to a somewhat rocky start, which is not how you really want to start these things. As it was outlined in my game plan, this week happened to coincide with having my cousin in town and a trip to NYC followed by touring around Boston. Running didn’t happen. However, mileage did. I estimate we walked somewhere to the tune of 30-35 miles while he was here. That counts for logging distance on my legs, right? It’s going to have to – time passes either way and October has never felt so close. I figure at a 2:1 mileage exchange I still logged in 15-16 miles. It was enough that I felt like moving on to Week 2 on schedule would be fine.

Week 2

The week started off strong. I fit in my 3 miles on Monday and 4 miles on Wednesday. Thursday was the 4th of July and about 487 degrees outside with 192% humidity. This is not an exageration, I swear. Unfortunately, this kept up for Friday. I traded in my 3 miler for a trip to Pure Barre, a ballet barre method class that was bizarre and amazing all at once. Ever have that dream where you’re taking the exam and suddenly you realize that all of the material for it was from the once class you missed, and everyone but you starts scribbling away with the answers while you sit like a deer in headlights? That was my first Pure Barre class. Despite the fast moving, completely new method of exercise, I kept up enough that I was sore on Saturday. I’ll be going back this week.

Last night was the first ‘long’ run that I’ve logged this year. I use the word long loosely, given that in a few weeks that distance will be the short version of what’s on the docket. I did stay true to Week 2, and logged a sweaty, ugly 6 miles. At a pace around 10:45, in any other conditions I’d consider it a major blow to my otherwise improving runner’s ego. However, at 80+ degrees and humidity bordering on rain (that’s not an exageration at all unlike the above condition estimations of Thursday/Friday), I’m considering it a fantastic accomplishment.

If you’d like to follow my cryptic notes in the spreadsheet controlling my athletic life, here’s a little visual. Welcome to my formula driven world.


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