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Marathon: Week 3


Even though I’m in Week 3, this felt like my first ‘real’ week of training. Four runs and 15+ miles logged, it felt like I was running for a reason.  While the total mileage is less than the original training plan I posted, that has been somewhat deliberate.  This week had my longest run since May 2012 when I fractured my heel, and I’m so prone to plantar fasciitis that I want to proceed with caution.

So, even at about 2 miles shy of where the schedule says I should be, let’s celebrate some little milestones, shall we?

  1. An 8:11 mile Friday during my run home from work.  I was late, and people on the sidewalk were really annoying, so I tried to get it over with as quickly as possible.  Perhaps all my races should take place on the sidewalks of Boston during Friday afternoon rush hour.
  2. My furthest run in almost 14 months (and feeling amazingly good afterwards).

I’ve been following Galloway intervals (3:1 on most the runs) and I’ve had to accept that while my pace is slower, I still feel strong at the end.  It’s still tough to swallow, when earlier this year I had graduated in to the single digit pace club, averaging around 9:30-9:45, but I’m trying to keep my perspective. Three miles isn’t feeling nearly as taxing, I’m not dreading getting out there (save for the 90 degrees at 70% humidity), and I don’t feel like I’m failing when I walk.  It’s just part of the routine.  If the mileage is only going to creep up, I need to stay strong and spare my feet and legs any injuries. This is working.

I’m on pace to have a 70+ mile month.  This would double the highest mileage month I’ve ever had, ever. Including “training” for the half marathon last year.  Expect to see a few more pasta and rice recipes as the weeks go on.

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Hi, I'm The Ginger! Or Whitney, whichever you prefer. I'm in finance to pay the rent, but someday I'm hoping to find a way to make it through life as a self-taught chef, sundress designer and helicopter dog mom. I love to cook but don't do it enough. I hate to run but keep signing up for races. I'm a foodie with a shameful obsession with McDonald's. My sewing machine and piano are collecting too much dust. I'm trying to fix it one day at a time. Come on in, let's hang out.

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  1. We are so much alike! I had finally gotten to a sub 30 5k last season, with the average of a 9:34 mile. I really think that I can get back to that though. I’ve been peppering in some 400m fartleks with a 1 minute walking rest in between. It’s not according to my Galloway plan, but I feel like I need to do a little bit of speed training. I will tell you that once you do a double digit run with Galloway, you will be completely sold on the program. I just did a 13.1 training last week doing 2:1 intervals for 5.5 miles and 30:30 intervals for the remained and I felt AWESOME afterwards. Which I did not last year when I wasn’t doing Galloway. Keep it up, so excited to run MCM too!


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