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Marathon: Week 4

To say this week wasn’t a struggle would be an absolute lie. It was hot. It was humid. I missed a midweek run. I had one of the most painful 3 mile slogs of my entire life. I questioned more than once… ‘Why the hell I’m doing this?!

I can’t say I feel 100% optimistic again, but there’s always something empowering about finishing the long weekend run, reminding you that this is not impossible. It’s hard because it’s supposed to be. If this shit was easy everyone would do it.

Sunday’s 8 mile LR was surprisingly successful given the fact that I decided to throw in a whole bunch of new factors at once, breaking one of the most fundamental rules of running. I wore shoes I’m still breaking in and carried hydration for the first time (save for an incident with a water belt last year that really didn’t go so well) all while continuing to adjust to running without tunes. The shoes are improving, but I have a wonderful blister that has formed on my right pinky toe that I hope callouses over sooner than later. The water was worth it. I think. Ok, it was a little weird. I have the Nathan Quickdraw Plus Handheld Bottle Carrier that I was lucky enough to find on discount at Marshall’s for about $8, pictured below. I think I’ll freeze 2/3rds of it next week to see if I can keep the water cool for at least the first 6 miles of the 10 scheduled on Saturday.


My thoughts on carrying water on the run


  • I have water (<– This is a big one)
  • I feel like I look legit (I’m a little vain)
  • It keeps my keys safely stored away (I lose everything. All the time.)


  • Carrying it is a bit distracting, especially as it dwindled down and sloshed around
  • I feel like a poser (I still don’t consider myself a real ‘runner’… what if the other runners figure me out?)
  • If you strap it to your hand too tight, it will cut in to your hand like a million little papercuts

The music-free running might be the best adjustment I’ve made. I’m listening to my body and my breath, and I can keep in tune with the run/walk interval beeps on my watch (2:1 for the LR this week). It’s somewhat meditative and challenging all at once. You can’t be distracted. You must stay in the moment. You learn to embrace everything your body is feeling and to be present for the entire workout (whether you wanted to be or not). Sometimes you feel like a superhero and sometimes you want to cry. I think I might love it.


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