marathon training
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Marathon: Week 5-9

marathon week 5-9

A bit of housekeeping, if I may.  I am indeed still running. And cooking and sewing and blogging (in my head). However as you can see from the running calendar, life has gotten in the way of running, cooking, and putting the inner monologue blogs into words – in the best way possible.  The last few weeks for your favorite ginger included a proposal (eeek!), the concert of the summer (I ❤ you JT), a week long jaunt through Europe exploring Iceland,  London, and Paris, and somewhere in there, even a few long runs.

I’m still processing everything.

It really is a lot to take in.

There will be more to come (lots more!) on all of the above. For now the only thing I really know how to recap is where I’m at in this training program.

I knew when I started this, I would need some “off” weeks.  It was a good call to build them in, because they have come in handy. Two weeks off in a row from long runs was unnerving, and I was very nervous getting  back out there this week. In addition to the break from anything exercise related, I’ve also become accustomed to running with my darling and crazy portuguese partner in crime on these double digit endeavors, and she was occupied prepping for a BBQ Saturday.  We’ve been following the Galloway method and keeping our intervals at 2:1, averaging about a 12:00/mile pace.  I was hopeful I’d be able to keep up the pace we’ve been setting and that I’d have the mental tenacity to finish my longest solo run ever.

I killed it. Had I kept going another 1.1 I would have run my fastest 1/2 marathon. During a training run? No way.

It’s half way to race day and I’m feeling great.  I’ve made the decision to cut out the 4th run of the week in the interest of focusing on my upper body strength that has taken a nose dive in the last few weeks, as well as ensure that I don’t totally sour myself on running by the end of October.  (It might also have a little something to do with a sudden awareness of how my arms and back are going to look in the sheath style wedding dresses I now have my eye on. Maybe.)

Watch for weekly updates as the race gets closer and closer.  The nights are cooler and I can almost smell the pumpkin spice lattes. It’s going to be a great fall.

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