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DIY: 2 Hour Closet Solution

As of just a few weeks ago, this was my closet. Or rather “clothes storage situation I’ve been living with”


I’m not proud of it. Who would be? It’s terrible.

I have a DVD shelf on the floor, and my clothes are hanging from a sprinkler pipe and stored in a see thru Ikea basket.  

With Christmas ornaments.

Like I said, I’m not proud. 

First priority was getting my clothes off the sprinkler pipe (hangers don’t fit… and it’s  little ghetto). Second, I needed more storage.  (I’m not being unreasonable, that wasn’t enough space for anybody.)

A trip to Home Depot and $25 solved my problems. I needed a closet bar and figured if I gave it enough support, it could be suspended. I’ve actually waited about six weeks since original installation to post this to be certain this would hold up. 

Part 1: Supplies

A closet bar, cut to length. Mine was about 90″. More than enough storage for someone 5’2″ with a bureau of clothing storage as well. 

Some 1/4″ rope (I only used about 15′)

#4 Eye Bolts (I used 7)


Use your rope to create a clean end on the raw wooden edge. 
This is purely aesthetic. 


But doesn’t it look pretty?

Twist your eye bolts into the wall and suspend your closet bar with a double length of rope.

That’s just a normal knot – trust me, I’m no engineer. 


That’s it. Get organized. 

Yes, it’s “rustic”, but I like it. It fits me, and it’s a heck of a lot better than what I had in there before!


IMG_6035 IMG_6041 IMG_6043

It works for me, and it was the right price – just about $25.


The only thing not accounted for in the expense is the shelf from Target that I bought about 5 years ago, repurposed for shoes (great idea, right?). This apartment is a rental, and I can only invest so much, but my clothes deserve a home. Now I have no excuse for not putting away my laundry. 

I’m taking ideas for new excuses now. Thanks.

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Hi, I'm The Ginger! Or Whitney, whichever you prefer. I'm in finance to pay the rent, but someday I'm hoping to find a way to make it through life as a self-taught chef, sundress designer and helicopter dog mom. I love to cook but don't do it enough. I hate to run but keep signing up for races. I'm a foodie with a shameful obsession with McDonald's. My sewing machine and piano are collecting too much dust. I'm trying to fix it one day at a time. Come on in, let's hang out.

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