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Chocolate Covered Tuxedo Strawberries

If you’re between the ages of 22 and maybe forever (at 29 the trend is going strong) summertime might as well be called Wedding Season. I happen to love weddings, am from a family that is in the industry, and have the fun and exciting project of planning my own celebration to happen at the end of this summer.  Last weekend, part of planning meant heading out west to be part of their annual menu tasting where they invite all the couples that have booked the venue for the summer to try their food offerings and design their event menu.  After hearing of this annual kick off party at the beginning of each summer for the last several years, it was a great treat to get to be a part of it from the ‘bride’ side of the conversation.

Of course, you didn’t think I was just there to sit pretty at a table did you? (Ok, maybe I did once the meal started). While there’s an incredibly talented and efficient staff that did the majority of the prep work for the event, (who strangely know their way around the barn better than I do these days), I was given one particularly fun job – the Strawberries! Evidently this is NOT a fun job if you have to do it every weekend, and I’ll admit it got a bit tedious after 50, but I thought it was a delightfully fun little art project.

Maybe that’s the difference, when you don’t work there, it’s a “fun art project” and not “Crap, I got stuck with the strawberries this week, they take forever.” I was also in the always entertaining company of my BFF spud bud, so the time flew by as we put these together.

Whether you’re making these to take to a bridal shower, as a quick summer dessert for a barbecue, or simply as a snack to class up that box of pinot grigio in the fridge, these are sure to make anyone smile.

You will need:

  • 25 Stem-On Strawberries
  • 6oz White Dipping Chocolate
  • 6oz Milk or Dark Dipping Chocolate
  • Parchment Paper
  • Toothpicks

Start by washing and letting your berries fully dry. You may even want to pat them down with a paper towel, as a dry berry will take the chocolate much better.IMG_5952Line a baking sheet or plate with parchment paper and melt white chocolate according to package instructions. Taking note of how the strawberry rests on the table, dip the very front of the berry in the white chocolate and place back on the chocolate free side to set. Take care not to get the chocolate too thick. Repeat on all berries.IMG_5948IMG_5949IMG_5958

Melt the milk or dark chocolate according to package instructions.IMG_5962

Take each berry and dip right, then left, and lastly the back, creating a fully “tuxedoed” berry with a white triangle remaining in front. Place back on parchment paper to set and repeat with all berries.IMG_5970IMG_5971IMG_5973IMG_5976

Using a toothpick, place three ‘dots’ of chocolate going down the front of the white, leaving space at the top for the bow ties.  To create the tie, draw 2 thick, short ‘lines’ of chocolate about 1-2cm apart, depending on the size of your berry. Before the chocolate sets, use a toothpick to pull the chocolate to meet in the center like two triangles. Allow to set and keep chilled until served.IMG_5983IMG_5993IMG_5989IMG_5987


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