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Dear Yogis: I can’t take it anymore

Have you ever tried Bikram Yoga? I’ve been (inconsistently) practicing for almost 2 years now, and sometimes when I mention I’m going, people ask me if it’s “fun”.  Um, no. Not at all. I do not consider pushing my muscles beyond their flexibility wearing next to nothing next to a bunch of other sweaty people for 90 minutes fun (call me a party pooper). I do not go to class for “fun” – I go for the consistency of programming and the feeling of invincibility I get afterwards.  I know, it’s very anti-yogi to go into class with a this-is-gonna-suck attitude – I’m working on it.  So when I came back from a 3 week binge of conferences, company, cross country flights and a lower back and gut that were just not going to be quick to forgive my traveling transgressions, I decided I needed to commit myself to a few weeks of Bikram restoration.  It helps my mind, spine and systems from the inside out, even if the 90 minutes are pure torture. Currently, …

The Fog Has Lifted!

Summer is here! Ok, it’s not. It’s only April 9th. While that’s disappointing, I’ll enjoy the spring. Today was the first wonderfully warm, comfortable 70 degree walk home from work that I’ve had since September. I decided to snap a few photos so you could take the walk with me. Have I mentioned how happy it makes me to walk through the Boston Common and the Public Gardens? Happy. Really, really happy. I think the sunshine might have made me a little high. (And maybe a little of whatever the Emerson students were enjoying near the Swan Boats.) I get to walk past this twice a day. I need to take notice of how beautiful it is more often. I’m so lucky. And forever my favorite spot in Boston… the beautiful Boston Public Library. I feel smart just being near it.