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DIY Cinnamon Stick Music Scroll Ornament

Did you know it’s Christmas in 10 days? Me neither. This year has flown by, but with all of the chaos events of the last year, I’ve never been more excited to embrace the holidays. Part of embracing the season? I’m participating in my first ever Blogger Ornament Exchange organized by one of my favorite local bloggers, Christina of Hungry Meets Healthy.  I was super excited when I got paired with Sarah of In her blogger pairing notes she noted the following interests:  Running, Rock Climbing, Music, Saxophone, Beer, Vegetarian Cooking, And The Color Purple Oh I’ve totally got this! We like so many of the same things! Except… nothing. I got nothing. For the last two weeks I’ve wandered aimless trying to think about how to incorporate her interests into a cute, heartfelt Christmas ornament.  To say I’ve been drawing a blank is an understatement.  There was a moment when I thought I might actually figure out how to make a rock into an ornament (I mean, rock climbing right? Just no. Stop …

Apple Pie Whiskey

Well, now that I’ve got your attention… This is exactly what it sounds like. Apple pie? Good. Whiskey? Good. Together? Fantastic. I was in the mood for a wintry drink and rediscovered my affinity for whiskey when I was nursing a cold a few weeks ago and, at the suggestion of friends that probably drink too much, treated it with hotty toddys.  This is simple. You need: 1 Apple 6 Cinnamon Sticks 2 Vanilla Beans 3 Cups Bourbon Whiskey 1 Quart Glass Mason Jar (or other airtight container) Slice and core your apple and throw it in the jar. Follow it up with cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans. Pour over whiskey. That’s the easy part.  Put it on the booze shelf and wait 10-15 days.  I’ve just been enjoying it chilled, with a cinnamon sugar rim to sip on (and by sip, I mean consumed in one single “sip”). Be brave, use it in your favorite whiskey cocktails.  Embrace winter. 86 proof helps.